Monday, December 14, 2015

Jesus At The Door

     Je suis ( I Am, We are) Jesus Christ, "my blessing out of all of this, is that my family died in Jesus," a testament of a wife, a voice of the martyr, whose husband, teen son, and teen daughter of European origin., were martyred in Afghanistan according to their faith of Jesus their Lord. This out reached Pastor had become famous for saying, "you gonna die, you may as well, die for Christ Jesus? "He that lose his life for my sake shall gain it forever more, for I will raise him up on the last day," Jesus, that day my siblings in Christ, hath come. Apb,

Righteously Dividing The Enemy 

Remember these Forewarnings? Apb. The RAM 

The Rapture, End-Times in the Links Prophecy      

     Seen to be seeing, visited upon by the archangel Gabriel, he seen to be declaring “The Fulfillment Of All Things Is Upon Us" Gabriel also declaring: “She’s going or coming with the seventh Angel" the seventh angel on the map 05/15/2004

     Seen to seeing a cloud fat and bursting through with the first resurrection saints shooting into the heavens like rockets at meeting the Lord Christ in the heavens 02/14/2004      

     As so was I reassured by what could only be described as text like messages from heaven, all saying and again I quote "Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way,” if you also read this behind a Darius, he is my youngest son, and at times I witness through him.  Take note here, Holy Spirits forewarn, not only that Jesus is coming,  Jesus been coming as promised for thousands of years, though now, Jesus and those of the Heavenly Host assisting Him are in flight,  “that’s on His, Their way to snatch us out. O happy Day For All Eternity.!

No Other Foundation, Hath Been Laid, Jesus The Good, Death 12/20/15, 1:26 AM     

     “Ah come on Lorn, stop it with the look, you know they weren't Christians. These people worship Churches, their Pastors, choirs, tithes and offerings, there's nothing righteous about them. You wasn't there ok," finding themselves in holiday traffic, being lead mysteriously, that husband Jimmy was to surprise her. "You didn't feel how they felt, how they so despised Him, the one they were to worship, it was sooo crazy, I don't ever want to feel anything like that again. Why can't you tell me where you're taking me? That's probably why mom saw a beast, tearing straight through them, what do you mean? I didn't tell you, but the first of 2014, Mom said she witness a beast in the pulpit, chomping and stomping right through the pews. The oddest thing, she said, beside that beast, is that the pews were all vacant, all empty. Man I see why people don't like traveling on holidays, look at this; believe me, this prize is worth all of this, ah it better be. So you mean like those beast she saw before the Obama's administration, yes, I guess, one from sea, one from land, and nothing Lorn was again the same. Why would they do all this? Blowing and fussing, like they didn't know this would happen, just be patient people, just be patient? Mom called a few months back, said she had another dream where she was in the throne, said she Lorn saw the Bride. That you wouldn't believe what she held in its perfect fulness, the Stone Made without hands, I don't under, meaning the Lord, Christ, His Millennium Reign, yes, in possession of the Bride, again setting her in heaven at these urgent times. Said it had the surface of a meteor and once the Bride release it, mom heard a voice lament, now don't startle, how it was “the Antichrist murderer,” it’s to abolish from the entire planet, everything hath by them. So what is going to happen to all of them, how do you get Church people, instead to, Jesus?  We Lorn can't, like a Prophet Ezekiel, sent to His People Judah, mom said actually, we never could. That God is gonna have to strike Babel, that's world commerce and religion again and cause them scatter, stampeding them to Him, only then can He save them." Ah my Jesus,” fixing brought right to tears eyes upon something remarkable, thinking he had to be kidding, surely they couldn't afford this.  “It's a horse preserve, but also it's a five star resort, the most prestigious Lorn, of its kind, I know, doesn't it just blow your mind? Equally, I know what you're thinking, we can't afford this, and you’re right, mom won it the other month, all expense paid get away, not a penny out of pocket, said she could’ve sold it for thousands, an amazing Christmas get away, now ours. “Wow, you did it,” visibly plucking huge drops from each eye, truly she was surprised, never seen anything like it in all her life, I know Lorn, right! Apparently all the Commandments of Jesus was about reigning us into the Kingdom of God as individuals, but all still as one New (divinely replenished) Bride, where most religious assembly is that warn against, a return to men’s beggarly elements. Mom is to say, that beast in the church, is the great falling away, meaning only God can bring them again His way, as you say. Yeah, weep not they told John, then showed him a multitude of varied worshippers without number, thus behold Lorn, the long prophesied fall of  Mystery Babylon. I guess you do really do have to be  careful, how you build upon another’s man foundation, especially, whose Builder and Maker is God, Awake, Apb, see here,

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