Sunday, December 20, 2015

Jesus Come Knocking

     Je suis (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, blessed are those that mourn for they shall be comforted, JCON; “you will hurt, you will bleed, but soon you will be in paradise with Jesus,” instead of killing the world to maintain a crumbling to dust American Dream, parents in restricted counties, teach their children how to instead die for Jesus, the only good death unto immortal life, to reign with Jesus Christ, see people, fellowship of the martyrs, Apb,  

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

Remember these Forewarnings? Apb. The RAM

The Rapture, End-Times in the Links Prophecy

      Seen to be taken off to heaven, seen to be seeing he taking me was God manifested in Flesh, seen to hand off to the prophet Ezekiel, spring of 1986/1993, 
     There’s something about the Rapture, some by grace, others by the wine press of God 06/12/2003
     Seen to be in the heavens, seen to be seeing a dress rehearsal for the Rapture of the church 01/06/2004
     Seen to be in heaven, seen to be seeing a trial run for the rapture of the church, the rapture of the church mightily on the map 01/08/2004
     Seen to be in the heavens, seen to be seeing a trial run for the second coming of Jesus Christ to the battle of Armageddon 01/08/2004
     Seen to be seeing a key, the bottomless pit and Satan being placed into prison, Satan one thousand year imprisonment on the map 01/14/2004
     Seen to be seeing, visited upon by the archangel Gabriel, he seen to be declaring “The Fulfillment Of All Things Is Upon Us" Gabriel also declaring: “She’s going or coming with the seventh Angel" the seventh angel on the map 05/15/2004
     Seen to seeing a cloud fat and bursting through with the first resurrection saints shooting into the heavens like rockets at meeting the Lord Christ in the heavens 02/14/2004
      As so was I reassured by what could only be described as text like messages from heaven, all saying and again I quote "Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way,” if you also read this behind a Darius, he is my youngest son, and at times I witness through him.  Take note here, Holy Spirits forewarn, not only that Jesus is coming,  Jesus been coming as promised for thousands of years, though now, Jesus and those of the Heavenly Host assisting Him are in flight,  “that’s on His, Their way to snatch us out. O happy Day For All Eternity.!

  A Testament, God, Save the Church!                          12/12/2015                                   12:12 PM

     "Now you Lorna, what has the lord done for you lately?” As one giving the Sunday school class each a turn to testify, said testaments already watering eyes.  "It was something that happen about a week ago, it was the Lord, I know, I know," emotions in her voice well noted, causing even more tears to flow.  "We were in five o'clock traffic, on the express, just a regular drive home, my husband, the kids, talking, singing, even reading. Then all of a sudden Jimmy hit on breaks real hard, then swirled to miss a car, next I know we were all spinning around, crying, and screaming horrified.  We just knew we were dead, I mean for us, but the kids and all, holding on for dear life, hollering, ah my God, all that’s life flashing before our, eyes! Then the car came to a complete stop,” as one again wiping her eyes, seeing others just as consumed, just thinking about what they would do. “Cars were everywhere, but not one had hit us, I know it was the lord,” as one crying, rocking back and forth, as did others, “I know it was the Lord,” they cried and celebrated with her, some singing and shouting uplifting hymns. Then Jesus sitting there patiently began to say, I mean who'd let Him in anyway? "I'm sorry, do I know any of you?" One by one they become sick in awe, like into their stomachs the heart falls, “I can see you all still hath sin, I'm here to tell you, it wasn't me, it wasn’t me.”  Wah, wah, what do you mean? Amazingly heart stroked and all choked up, unable to speak or breathe, clearly this was a joke, they being Church people. "Maybe  Satan, demons, fallen angels, tithes and offerings all pretending to be the way, then off He goes carrying the Righteous Bride, leaving them unimaginably heart, mind and soul, they're, devastated.
Apostles’ Testament, God Saved The Church!

     I know we think God lose more people to gambling halls, night clubs, and strip joints, and other dark places thought to be sin. Though most are lost to religious assembly, wage earning and higher education, the American Dream, all these godlike pretenders, but the heart, but the heart, never, ever dealing with the sin problem. It is for these strong delusions Jesus hath said to the church, ”not everyone who call me lord, lord shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.  But He who doeth the will of my Father, which art in Heaven.  For many shall come to me in that day saying “Lord, Lord, have I not prophesied in thy name and in thy name cast out devil's, and in thy name done wonderful works, and Jesus says,  I will profess, I never knew you, you that worked iniquity, see Mat.7:21-23

Lorna’s New Testament, God Saving The Church!

     “You sick or just day dreaming? Why you keep asking me? I’m fine.” As one chopping angrily into her bowl of cereal, into the kitchen sink, away hating even more she had to be at work.  “Just stop worrying me, I could say you’re worrying me instead, just tell, I got to get ready for work, well I feel sorry for your co-workers, ok, ok, damn it, ok! Bitterly throwing up hands of surrender, now getting into the bedroom after him, into her clothes waiting, wondering, just how she would tell him. “It was this dream, like we were all in bible study and everyone started testifying so beautifully, many people were crying, even singing, everyone had something very uplifting and miraculous to say. 
     So when it came my turn, I started telling people what happen the other day, with us and the kids, how we could’ve been killed, that it was all Jesus. Only Jimmy Jesus appeared and said it wasn’t Him, that it wasn’t Him, how unrepentant sin prevented this, that it was instead Satan and his wiles. Even that sin in the heart prevents a Holy God, and then like in a nano-second he took the bride and was gone. What does that mean?
     I think honey we know,” taking both of her hands, drawing in close, soon laying his forward into hers as well, knowing they’d been given another chance. “Most people are you know, are what? They just don’t receive, they’re convinced God blesses sin, but no, all on the earth are cursed so they die, having no control as to when, how. That blessed dream honey was just the reminder, certainly the God in Heaven isn’t mocked, knowing what’s in everyone’s heart.
     The lying, the murdering, jealousy and hatred, the back biting, that's every evil work, just waiting at the door of assembly, welcoming the rebellious right in, just think Lorna! As one distastefully flopping onto the bed, "my God, just think,”a disappointed shake of the head. Knowing of his lust, and spiritual adultery, and his wife, was just plain O mean. That's unforgiving, violent and vulgar, they both were, even needed boxing gloves. Surely they had Sunday service, all an appeasement to God they thought, though, now by Lornas’ dream they were the only ones being deceived.
    “He know us, we’re not fooling him with none of this stuff, adorn a churchian outwardly but inwardly these hearts of stone, Satan’s children Lorna, demonic and all. Demonic! Ahhhh nall, I’m not demonic, well that there’s your proof, defending the evil things we do. You better gone get your shower, you going to be late, I’m done, I’m gonna wash my face and be gone, well don’t you think we should pray?
     My God Jimmy, death could’ve took us that day, even hell, it totally having a right, so do we really want to be without Jesus Christ! You should’ve felt the hatred when they realize it was Him, the one they were supposed to worship, I’m sorry, what do you mean? Astonishingly bringing him again this incredible testimony’s way. “I mean it was like they didn’t, they were wondering mightily why He was even there, even from whence He’d come, how, like, like knowingly they worship pretend for God, refusing to accept they’re going to hell at all. “Ah my god,” crashing, crying mightily to her knees, bringing her now leaking husband, “please pray with me.” Knowing they no longer served God, nor even if they ever served Him at all, “ah my god, ah my God Jimmy, pray with me, please.” AWAKE! Apb, that you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle Jesus Christ is among you, as to pluck Ambers from the burning, Apb., see here more,       

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